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Release Notes

Version 2.00 released 15 Sept 2008

  • new Fit tab.
  • Channel Display Graph F(t) now incudes a baseline, normalization and dF/Fo function.
  • standard deviation, standard error and variance waves of the Average function now begin with prefixes "Stdv_", "Sem_" and "Var_".
  • new "Order Waves" function on Main tab.
  • new "Xwave" function on Main tab. Use this option if you wish to use a wave as the x-time scale.
  • misc user interface improvements.

Version 1.98 released 24 June 2007

  • BUG FIX: Spike tab "Average" function produced incorrect averages due to division by wrong number of spikes. To compute the correct average, you should now use the "Spike 2 Waves" option on the Spike tab and compute the average of the resulting "SP_Rstr" waves using the Main tab "Average" function.
  • Import functions for Axograph and Pclamp data have been updated. If you need to import Pclamp 10 files, please contact Jason @
  • new channel F(t) functions: norm2max, norm2min, norm2avg, dF/F0.
  • new Stats tab functions: rise-time slope, FWHM, Onset computation using maximum curvature algorithm (Fedchyshyn and Wang, J Physiol 2007 June, 581:581-602).
  • MAC USERS: I have updated the MatchTemplate and ProgressWindow XOPs so you no longer have to run Igor under "Rosetta" to use these functions.
  • fixed minor user-interface bugs.

Version 1.91b released 13 February 2006

  • fixed import Axograph bug which caused wrong number of channels to be read.
  • one can now import AxographX data. However, I am still not able to find the sample interval in the data header; hence, you will need to set the sample interval of your data using NM "Time Scale" function. Anyone who knows where this variable is stored in the data header please let me know.

Version 1.91 released 01 January 2006

  • MatchTemplate XOP is now available for Mac users.
  • new channel display configuration options (i.e. “To Front”).
  • new “Stim” functions on NeuroMatic's main menu. Use these functions if you acquired your data with the Clamp tab.
  • new “Append All” data folder option.
  • fixed various small bugs.

Version 1.86 released 02 December 2004

  • fixed “Open All”, wave “Prefix Select” and misc Configuration bugs.

Version 1.77 released 15 November 2004

  • new Sets Panel.
  • new Groups Panel.
  • new Command History (NeuroMatic > Config > Edit > NeuroMatic > CmdHistory). NeuroMatic commands can now be printed to the Igor history area or to a notebook. These commands can be copied and pasted into Igor’s command line or an Igor macro/function (see Macros).
  • numerous function names have been changed in order to establish the above Command History functionality. Most functions located in NM_Utility.ipf, however, retain their original name. With the Command History now established, function names will (hopefully) no longer change in the future since these functions are expected to be called within user-written functions.
  • new data folder options (NeuroMatic > Data Folder): Duplicate, Merge; Open | Append, Open All, Save All, Close All (see Data / Folders).
  • new option to set progress window position (NeuroMatic > Progress > Set ProgWin Position).
  • Main Tab functions have been organized into four popup menus: Display, Edit, Time Scale and Operations. New functions include Copy To, Move To, Renumber, Concatenate, Rainbow Plot and Print Names.
  • new “drag” waves to define Stats1 windows. Simply drag the waves to their desired position in the channel graphs.
  • new “Time Offset” option in Stats1 window. Use this option to define time offset values for each wave or for each group. This option, for example, can be used to analyze paired-pulse data where the second pulse window occurs at different time intervals.
  • new “All Win” checkbox in Stats1 window. If you have several Stats1 windows turned on but only want to compute “All Waves” on a particular window, unclick this checkbox.
  • new wave list filter popup in Stats2 window. Use this popup to define the list of waves displayed in the “Select Wave” Stats2 popup to its left.
  • Spike Tab analysis checkbox options have been converted to button options.
  • new Spike Tab “Table” and “Rate” functions.
  • new channel graph scale functions.

Version 1.71 released 12 May 2004

  • small changes to File Manager functions and Stats functions to allow integration with latest version of the Clamp Tab.

Version 1.70 released 6 April 2004

  • “Save” and “Open” data folder options have been updated to include Igor’s packed binary files (.pxp files). Hence, for Igor 5 users, it is now possible to save and open individual data folders as packed Igor binary files. This option is significantly faster than the previous method (NM v1.60) of saving/opening a NeuroMatic binary file (.nmb files).
  • added option to turn channel graphs on or off via graph popup menus, or NeuroMatic’s main menu.
  • added autoscale option to channel graphs.
  • added folder “F” and groups “G” popup menu to NeuroMatic’s main panel.
  • added concatenate function to the Main tab.
  • fixed match-template and wave display bugs on Event tab.
  • deprecated NeuroMatic’s progress window. To utilize progress windows in NeuroMatic, you need to download the ProgWin XOP by Jens Rumberg and Kevin Boyce. Using the ProgWin XOP allows users to cancel during the middle of analysis.
  • added keyboard equivalents “Hot Keys” to NeuroMatic’s main menu.

Version 1.60 released 8 Dec 2003

  • to avoid previous and future conflicts with names of user and Igor functions, functions in NM_Main.ipf, NM_MainTab.ipf, NM_FileManager.ipf have been renamed to include the letters “NM”. Most functions in NM_Utility.ipf remain the same, since these functions have previously been incorporated into user specific functions.
  • added “Save” and “Open” data folder options under NeuroMatic’s main menu. Hence, it is now possible to save individual data folders as external binary files.
  • “Interpolate” button has been renamed more appropriately as “Decimate”. The “Interpolate” button now performs linear or cubic spline interpolation, as described in Igor’s Help.
  • added “Normalize” and button/function.
  • added “Notebook” option to log history of data analysis.
  • added “Long Wave Name” option in NM main menu. This option is set to be default, and will include a short string in the output wave name that defines the current wave select option, such as “Set1” or “G1” for Group1.
  • added “Rename Waves” option in NM main menu.
  • updated Event tab, which now includes a Template Matching Algorithm.
  • added autoscale option on channel graphs.
  • in NM_Utility.ipf, function GetExistWaveName() has been deprecated. Please use function GetChanWaveName() instead.
  • in NM_Utility.ipf, function GetWaveNum() has been deprecated. Please use function GetChanWaveNum() instead.
  • in NM_Utility.ipf, function AlignByNumbers() has been deprecated. Please use function AlignByNum() instead.
  • in NM_Utility.ipf, function ScaleByNumbers() has been deprecated. Please use function ScaleByNum() instead.

Version 1.50 released 8 July 2003

  • added “Re-initialize Globals” option to NM’s main menu; use this function when using new NM with old experiments.
  • added notes to all NM output waves, which can be viewed within Igor’s Data Browser (check “info” and select wave).
  • extended the Read Pclamp Header function to read more data file header variables, including Telegraph Gain and Channel label/units (for more variables and/or info see NM_ReadPclamp.ipf:ReadPClampHeader).
  • added data wave “overlay” capability in channel graph displays.
  • fixed Define Sets, “zero Set wave first?” bug.
  • fixed Limit Analysis Wave Select “Other...” option bug, which did not previously work.
  • changed the name of NM wave “WaveSelect” to “WavSelect” to eliminate conflict with data waves that begin with prefix “Wave”.
  • moved Groups functionality to NM’s main menu, which now includes “SetRange” and “Edit” functions.
  • added the option to choose between STDV, SEM, or VAR when computing the Average via Main tab.
  • added x-alignment option to prevent negative time values when aligning to a wave of values.
  • added x-scale button to Main tab to allow scaling by arbitrary sample intervals.
  • added stats1 display label option, including window number and measured y-value.
  • stats2 is now controlled by the “Limit Analysis” wave select popup menu.
  • added stats2 “All” button which computes all stats on waves listed in the stats2 window.
  • moved output display waves of Stability analysis function to the “root:Packages:Stats” directory.
  • renamed function PlotWaves() to NMPlotWaves() in NM_Utility.ipf to eliminate conflict with Patcher’s Power Tools software.
  • renamed function AutoStats() to NMAutoStats() in NM_StatsTab.ipf to eliminate conflict with Patcher’s Power Tools software.
  • updated NM’s preferences function (Preferences.ipf:NMPrefs); hence, to use the new preference functionalities you will have to copy your old preferences to the new “Preferences.ipf” file.

Version 1.40 released 25 April 2003

  • incorporated stability/stationarity analyses to Main and Stats tab. Algorithm provided by laboratory of Angus Silver.
  • added the option to use the ProgWin XOP by Jens Rumberg and Kevin Boyce, instead of NeuroMatic’s progress window. Using the ProgWin XOP allows users to cancel during the middle of analysis.
  • extended wave prefix functionality, allowing users to analyze an arbitrary group of waves that begin with the same prefix.
  • added Reflect wave operation to Main tab.
  • added Integrate wave operation to Main tab under “d/dt”.
  • fixed a two-channel flag bug on Spike tab.
  • added an “All Groups” option for the Average function.
  • extended the Sorting functionality of Stats tab.
  • extended the wave operation functionality (smooth, d/dt, integral) of Stats tab.
  • updated the preferences function (NMPrefs in Preferences.ipf) to incorporate global variable preferences for individual tabs. Note, to use the new preference functionalities you will have to copy your old preferences to the new “Preferences.ipf” file.
  • moved global variables of Stats and Spike tabs to folders within Packages.

Version 1.30 released 3 December 2002

  • now reads Gap-free pClamp files much faster.
  • added Save and Clear wave functionality on Stats and Spike tabs.
  • fixed Spike histogram and d/dt detection bug on Spike tab.
  •  detection bug on Spike tab.

Version 1.20 released 16 July 2002

  • added Current-Voltage (IV) relation button to Main tab.
  • added Save buttons to Stats tab.
  • added smooth wave option to Stats tab.
  • updated Sort functionality to include more sorting algorithms.
  • updated “blank” file capability to allow appending.
  • updated Group functionality to allow any number of groups.
  • updated Sets functionality to include user defined Sets declared by “and” and “or” functions.
  • fixed Append File and Append File Sequence bugs.
  • fixed Utility function “GetWaveList()” bug (see “Utility.ipf” for details).
  • fixed Spike detection bug on Spike tab for differentiated traces.
  • added new utility functions in “Utility.ipf” for creating and killing lists of controls, globals and windows.
  • updated NeuroMatic’s TabManager to allow automanote, if you used the TabManager in version 1.1, you will have to update your tab functions to incorporate the new “tab list” format, as described in “TabManager.ipf”.
  • described in “TabManager.ipf”.

Version 1.10 released 5 May 2002

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