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Incorporate your own macros into MyTab by entering them into the procedure file NM_MyTab.ipf (Windows > OtherWindows). You could, for example, place your function call within the function MyTabCall.

If you want to change or edit MyTab controls, do this in the function MakeMyTab.

If you want to rename the tab to something else, you will need to systematically replace the word “MyTab” with your own tab name within NM_MyTab.ipf. Choose a short name. You will also need to change the tab prefix identifier “MY_” in the function MyTabPrefix. The prefix identifier should not conflict with those of other tabs, such as “MN_”, “ST_”, “SP_”, “EV_”, “MY_” or “CT_”.

Save changes (File > Save Procedure).

Change the name of your procedure file NM_MyTab.ipf to safeguard against overwriting by future releases of NeuroMatic.

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